Things I'm currently loving!

TRY: Tan Luxe 
I absolutely love this brand and was so happy when Skins Cosmetics opened at the Waterfront as they stock it. The Face Illuminating Self-Tan drops are my go-to twice a week in summer. Just mix a couple of drops in with your moisturizer, serum or oil before bed and a wake up with natural, streak free, sun-kissed glow! Going to try The Gradual moisturizer next.. will keep you posted!



USE: Seche Vite 
For gel-like super glossy nails Seche Top coat is the best! It can honestly make the worst at-home paint job look amazing and also keeps your polish in place better than anything else I’ve tried. It’s not that easy to buy here, but Dante Wellness Spa in Seapoint stocks it.



WATCH: The Undoing
A psychological thriller set in NY starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant has me hooked! 


READ: American Dirt
There has been a fair amount of controversy around this novel, but I still found the fictional story about a Mother and Son fleeing Mexico from the drug cartels very gripping.



DRINK: Malfy Rosa Italian Gin 
Malfy’s pink gin with hints of Grapefruit and Rhubarb is so delicious and has such a warm Summers evening feel to it. Plus this pretty bottle looks amazing on a bar cart and also makes a great gift!
WEAR:  Rag & Bone Retro Runners
Sneakers make up a big part of my shoe wardrobe and I’m obsessed with Rag & Bone’s retro runner that just landed. They are so easy to wear and elevate any outfit with a cool sporty edge.



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