BUY: Silky Face Masks

Finding a good face mask has become a real challenge and one I find really frustrating.  Most of us have never had to wear one of these before and therefore have no idea what to look for which is especially hard when you cannot "try before you buy"!  

What we do know is that comfort is everything, plus the ability to breathe and talk properly and of course (for the fashion-conscious among us) it looks much better if it goes with your outfit and your complexion right? An added bonus would be that it doesn't react badly with your skin, especially if you suffer from breakouts or sensitive skin issues such as Eczema.

Cape Town based stylist, Anna Verloren van Themaat, clearly understood the need for a face mask that meets all our demands.  Her Silky masks are lined with a luxurious pure silk, which has natural antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and odour repellent properties. Plus it's compatible with most skin types and said to reduce irritation. People have even claimed it helps ease dry lips (yet another side-effect of all-day mask wearing). The outer layer is made from a soft organic cotton and hemp layer while the adjustable straps (which loop around the ears) allow for easy use and a comfortable fit that won't hurt your ears. 

Not all face masks are created equal, but we think these are definitely worth the investment. We have them in 3 different colours, but because they are individually handmade, there is limited stock available and you will need to be quick if you want one!   SHOP SILKY FACE MASKS

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